In this article, Magzoa tells you the fast and secure way to view & export saved password in chrome & Firefox browser. Everyone has many accounts on different websites on Browsers, and of course, as not everyone is likely to remember all the account’s passwords, that’s why browsers allow users to easily save their various passwords of any websites, as much as they want.

Google Chrome and Firefox, both of these browsers having many features for their user. If you have to do any task in these browsers you can easily do it done by just following the simple instruction. Here you want to view old passwords and also some of you want to export these passwords in a USB drive or to another browser.

This facility may usually be able in almost every browser out there. And today, we are discussing this topic of how to View & Export saved passwords in Chrome & Firefox Browser.

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Two Main Browsers Of Today’s Topic:

  1. Google Chrome Browser
  2. Mozilla Firefox Browser

How To Easily View & Export Saved Password in Google Chrome Browser

If you want to show or move your passwords and other important data. Then you have to save it first. After the password and other data-saving in your google chrome browser then you can easily move all the save stuff from one browser to another or in a secure place like a USB drive. This consists of 3 major steps. Okay! read all of these steps below and follow the instructions. Then you will able to do this task.

Steps To Make Chrome Remember Your Passwords:

First, you have to save your chrome passwords. Every password with its own specific website, where you are using these passwords is saved in your google chrome browser. If you want to enable this option. Then you have to follow these steps.

How Does it Work?

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome browser from your computer,

Step 2: Click on the “settings” which can be seen on the top of the Page’s URL bar in 3 dots menu Icon

Step 3: Then click on the option of “Show advanced settings” link

Step 4: Now, search for the box of “passwords and forms

Step 5: Here you need to select the option of “Check Box” from “Offer to save your web passwords

Step 6: And now your all passwords will be automatically saved in the browser.

However, if you don’t want to save any of your passwords, or want Chrome to ask you every time which password you want to save, then click on “Never” on the particular website, and next time the browser won’t save that website’s password.

How To Check Passwords Of Any Websites

After saving your passwords you can check these saved passwords. You just have to open the google chrome saved password data where you can watch these passwords. Here how can you view these password data.

How Does it Work?

Step 1: Go to the “settings

Step 2: Click on the “Show advanced settings

Step 3: Then click on “manage passwords

Now, you will receive a quick open Window. At first, you will be able to see all your saved passwords, click on the website you wanted to see its passwords and then click on the “Show” in the password field.

How To Export Or Import Passwords

Yes, you can export these passwords from chrome and also you can import passwords from outside in google chrome browser. For this, you just read and follow this instruction written step by step below.

How Does it Work?

Step 1: You need to visit the Chrome URL bar, type; “Chrome://flags

Step 2: Search for this “Password Import” you will acquire one search, “Password Import and Export

Step 3: Fixed its state to “Enable” from “Default

Step 4: Then click on the button of “Relaunch Now” at the page’s bottom

Step 5: Again go to “show advanced settings

Step 6: Click on “passwords and forms

Step 7: Then click on “manage password

Step 8: You will see two buttons of “Import” and “Export

Step 9: Choose the option you want to use

However, you need to do this trick in the Chrome browser for importing/exporting because the browser doesn’t give you a direct link.

How To Easily View & Export Saved Password In Mozilla Firefox Browser

Yes, you can easily view and export save passwords in your Mozilla Firefox browser. Also, you can import data from outside.

Use These Steps To Make Firefox Remember Your Passwords

First, you have enabled the save password option in the Mozilla Firefox browser. Here how you can enable that specific option.

How Does it Work?

Step 1Launch the browser and go to its three dots menu icon (which is on the right top corner

Step 2: Click on “options” which has a gear type icon

Step 3: Now, tap on the “Security” tab

Step 4: Under the area of “Logins” select or so a right tick on the given CheckBox from “Remember Logins for sites

Now, your passwords will be saved automatically. And you can check these passwords at any time in your Mozilla Firefox browser.

How To View Or Remove Or Import Passwords

You can do anything with this save data. You just goto that save password option then you can view, remove or you can do the import, export with these passwords.

How Does it Work?

Step 1: Just follow up the same steps as above

Step 2: When you click on “saved logins” you will see a window pop-up, here you can see the options of “Remove” “Show Password” and as well as “Import a list of a password

Step 3: Choose and manage the way you want.

How To Use Password Extractor For Exporting Password

There are many tools on the internet that can help you to do these tasks just in simple clicks. By using these passwords extractor tools you export passwords in a file. Follow these steps if you want to use these tools for exporting passwords.

How Does it Work?

Step 1: First, you need to Download/Install Add-on Password Exporter

Step 2: Go to 3 dots menu icon and then to the Add-on

Step 3: In the Extension Tab, now you will be able to see “Password Exporter

Step 4: Click on the button of “Option” next to it

Step 5: You will see a new pop-up window, click on “Export Passwords” button

Step 6: Then, you will be able to export the complete list of the password.

However, Firefox won’t allow getting the list of a password that is saved in it. That’s why you need to take help via this Add On Password Exporter. Now you can learn about the Transfer Files From One Google Drive Account to Another.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are the Frequently asked questions with helpful answers on the topic of View & Export saved passwords in Chrome & Firefox Browser. You can read answers to them from which you can maximum help on this topic.

Q1. How To Transfer Saved Firefox Passwords into Google Chrome?

Yes, If you have saved passwords file from firefox. Then you can upload these passwords in google chrome and then you can use these passwords In google chrome browser. For uploading goto save password data and upload file in google chrome.

Q2. How To Transfer Saved Google Chrome Passwords into Firefox?

Yes, Go to the setting and get a save password file from google chrome. Then simply upload that file In the firefox browser. For uploading goto save password data and upload the file in firefox. then you can easily use these save passwords in Mozilla Firefox.

Q3. How Do I Find My Stored Passwords?

Definitely, you can find your store passwords. For this just go to the setting of saving passwords and then you can check all of your stored passwords.

This is about the view & export saved password in chrome & firefox browser. If you have any question then you can ask that in the comment section. One of Moagzoa members will reply to you as soon as possible.

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