This Magzoa, teaches you how to save WhatsApp status video and images on iPhone and Android. WhatsApp is one of the widely used social media apps which is used by most people and recently WhatsApp have come up with a new “Status” feature which allows you to share your stories on WhatsApp and it stays there for up to 24 hours and after 24 hours it gets deleted automatically. Just like a story on Instagram and Facebook.

The status you upload on WhatsApp is only visible to your WhatsApp contacts which are end to end encrypted and WhatsApp does not allow anybody to download the status. However, if you want to download the WhatsApp status here is how you can download/save the WhatsApp status of others.

Suppose you have come across a very interesting WhatsApp status and you want to keep it saved on your mobile phone. In this guide, we are going to share two different ways through which you can download the WhatsApp status of others users. Let’s begin.

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Save WhatsApp Status Story of Any Friend

It is very easy to save the WhatsApp status of your friend here are the two most reliable ways through which you can save the statuses easily on your mobile phone. Follow the guide to know how these ways work.

Getting Stories from Hidden Files

The photo images or videos you see on WhatsApp get saved into your mobile phone storage and you can easily access all the files from your mobile phone’s local memory. Just go to the storage, WhatsApp folder, and head to WhatsApp media to locate the files.
In the same way, the status you see on WhatsApp is also saved into your mobile phone’s memory and you can easily access it.

getting stories from hidden files on whatsapp

If you want to access these hidden files such as your WhatsApp status, you need to open your File manager using ES File Explorer, simply tap on the main menu and scroll down a bit and toggle “ON” and go straight to “Show Hidden Files” option. After this simply go to the WhatsApp storage folder and WhatsApp media folder and in the last, you will see a hidden title under the title of “Statuses”.

In this folder, you will get all the media files that you have seen recently.

Using Story Saver For Whatsapp App

You can also save WhatsApp status using an app named “Story Saver for WhatsApp” which as the name suggests helps you save the WhatsApp status on your mobile phone memory easily.

Here is how it works:

Step 1: First of all download and install the “Story Save for WhatsApp” app from Google Play Store on your android device.

Step 2: Now when you open this app there will be two options “Recent Stories” and “Saved” containing two different categories one for “Pictures” and one for “Videos”. You will simply tap on “Recent Stories” and from here you will choose what you want to save such as the “Picture/Video“.

using “story saver for whatsapp” app

All you have to do is simply tap on and hold on to the picture/video you want to save and on the very right side a Save icon will appear just tap on it and the file will be saved on your phone storage.

Now you don’t need to worry about saving the WhatsApp status, and you don’t even need to ask your friend to send you that particular status as with the help of these two methods you can easily save the WhatsApp status of your friends. The best thing about these apps is that they are to the point and do not require any effort to use. They are very easy to use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are the most frequently asked questions by the users while saving the WhatsApp status of a friend. if you are having any issue this is where you need to look at, most probably you will find the answers in this section. If you don’t find the answer to your problem in the FAQ section. Please ask as our team will reply as soon as possible.

Q1: How To Save WhatsApp Status In IOS?

To WhatsApp status on an IOS device just download any of the above-mentioned apps and follow the guide to know how these apps work.

Q2: How To Save WhatsApp Status On Android?

You can easily save WhatsApp status on your android device by downloading any of the above apps. Follow the guide to know how these apps work.

Q3: How To Save Others WhatsApp Status In My Gallery?

Using any of the above apps you can save WhatsApp status in your mobile phone gallery, follow the guide to know about the working of these apps.

Q4: How To Automatically Download WhatsApp Status Without Seeing?

With the help of the above-mentioned apps, you can save any status without even seeing it. Follow the guide to know more about these apps.

Well, where is a will there is a way, the same goes with the WhatsApp statuses. As with the help of this guide you don’t need to ask your friend to send you some particular status which they have uploaded. You can download any status easily on your mobile phone with the help of the above-mentioned apps these are the most reliable apps and in this guide. We have also taught how these apps work.

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