This Magoza, will teach you how to make WhatsApp status always online on Andriod/iPhone. Learn and follow all the steps which we shared in this tutorial. WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps used for communications all over the world. Recently WhatsApp has come up with a new feature that shows when you are online.

You might have seen that some people always remain online on WhatsApp technically someone can’t stay online 24/7. But with the help of this simple trick. You can also stay online 24/7. Follow the guide to know how it works.

To make your WhatsApp status always “Online” you need to download a third-party app called GB WhatsApp which comes with lots of features and specifications. In this guide, we will check how you can set your status to always “Online”.

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Make WhatsApp Status Always Online

GB WhatsApp comes with lots of special features and it is way more special as compared to official WhatsApp. The GB WhatsApp allows you to stay online 24/7, GB WhatsApp is developed by XDA developers and is way more unique than the official app.

The people who are already using the GB WhatsApp can activate the always online feature;

Step 1: Download and install the GB WhatsApp application.

Make sure you have uninstalled the official WhatsApp app right before installing the GB WhatsApp as you cannot use two apps simultaneously and also make sure that you have backup all the chats.

Now install the GB WhatsApp from the app, to install the app you need to enable the “install from unknown sources” from the settings.

Step 2: After installing the WhatsApp Open the GBWhatsApp Application, tap on agree and continue option.

  • Enter the number to use the GB WhatsApp application.
  • Verify your number and enter your name and upload your profile photo.
  • After entering into the WhatsApp app tap on the left corner.

Step 3: Activate the Always Online Feature on GB WhatsApp.

  • Look on the top right corner and tap on the hamburger icon and then go to GB settings options.
  • Scroll down the screen and tap on “Conversation Screen”. Head straight to the “2.18 Always online” option.
  • Just tap on this option to activate the always online feature, when you will do so it will bring up a checkmark in the box on the right side.
  • Go to the main screen and now tap on the hamburger icon and tap to restart the WhatsApp option to restart the GB WhatsApp application.
  • It may take some time to get activated otherwise restart your mobile phone to make it fully functional.

Now make yourself online on WhatsApp 24/7 all you need to do is to install an additional application and activate the always online feature as shown in the above guide. Using this feature on GB WhatsApp you can always make yourself stay online 24/7. Moreover, the Gb WhatsApp is also packed with lots of features that are hard to find in the ordinary WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are the most frequently asked questions by the users while making WhatsApp status always online. if you are having any issue this is where you need to look at, most probably you will find the answers in this section. If you don’t find the answer to your problem in the FAQ section, please ask as our team will reply as soon as possible.

Q1: Why Is WhatsApp Not Showing Online Status?

The official WhatsApp does not come up with this feature but if your GB WhatsApp is not showing this feature then you may need to activate this feature as mentioned in the guide.

Q2: Can You Be Online On WhatsApp Without Being Online?

Not on the official WhatsApp app but on the GB WhatsApp app you can make yourself always online follow the guide to know how it works.

Q3: How To Make My WhatsApp Status Online All The Time?

You can easily make WhatsApp status always online by following the above guide.

Now it is very easy to make yourself always online on WhatsApp all you have to do is to follow the above guide and download the GB WhatsApp which comes with lots of classic features and allows you to stay online on WhatsApp 24/7. By following the above guide you can easily activate this always online feature.

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