This Magzoa, will teach you which way you can report a youtube channel on the desktop/laptop or on your mobile phone. From which you can report any youtube when you feel to report. YouTube is one of the most popularly used sites/app to watch videos. Almost everyone uses YouTube to watch videos and there is hardly an internet user who does not watch YouTube videos.

Often watching YouTube videos we come across some video or YouTube channel which spreads hate speech or presents content that is very offensive in nature. In that case, it is ideal to report the channel to YouTube here in this guide we will teach you how you can report a YouTube channel.

It is very important to report the offensive, racist or bullying YouTube videos on YouTube so that the videos remain true to the community standards and guidelines here is how you can report a YouTube channel.

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Report a YouTube Channel

It is very easy to report a YouTube channel all you have to do is to follow these simple steps and then you will be able to report the YouTube channel.

Step 1: First of all open the YouTube channel in your browser and head straight to the channel which you want to report abuse.

Report a YouTube Channel

Step 2: When the channel page will be opened simply click on “About” and a page similar to the blow one will appear.

a YouTube Channel Report

Step 3: From here simply click on the Flag icon.

Report YouTube Channel

Step 4: After clicking four different options will be displayed in front of you, simply click on “Report User”.

The youtube channel report

Step 5: After clicking a new pop-up window will appear, nowhere you will select the issue and click on the “Report”.

report the youtube channel

This is it! The channel has been reported to YouTube. YouTube is the most popular site when it comes to watching videos and news etc. But some videos are not according to the community standards and contain abuse, hate speech, or bullying. As a user, it is your duty to report the channel and you can easily report the channel using the above guide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are the most frequently asked questions by the users while reporting a YouTube channel. If you are having any issues this is where you need to look at it. Most probably you will find the answers in this section. If you don’t find the answer to your problem in the FAQ section feel free to ask your question in the comment below as our team will reply as soon as possible.

Q1: How To Make A Complaint To YouTube?

Using the way mentioned in the guide you can report any YouTube channel.

Q2: How To Get Someone’s YouTube Channel Banned?

If someone is spreading hate speech you can ban their YouTube channel by reporting it to YouTube.

Q3: What Happens If You Accidentally Report A YouTube Video?

Nothing the YouTube review team will check your report and it is true the YouTube will take action otherwise they will ignore it.

Q4: How Many Reports Does It Take To Delete A YouTube Channel?

There is no consensus that how much or how many reports it takes to delete a YouTube channel but if most of the people are reporting the channel because of the same reason the YouTube surely deletes the channel.

Now take action in real life, like if you are watching videos on YouTube and you come across a YouTube channel that is spreading hate speech or abuse, using the above way you can report the channel to YouTube and YouTube will take action.

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