In this article, Magzoa teaches you how to appear offline on Facebook, This way you can hide your active status on Facebook. The most useful app which has normally 3.2 billion active users and of course. The app keeps updating its features and performance. If you notice, there is a new feature on Facebook. Which tells your friends that you are online.

And it is not just that, when you leave the account, your friends still able to check your “LAST SEEN STAMP” on the Facebook chat window. Also, when you read a message on Facebook, the sender will now be able to see the status with “SEEN,” that means you read his/her message already.

Well, apart from all these new features, this information might be able to share your presence on Facebook with your friends easily. But don’t lose hope, if you want to hide your presence from Facebook, then you need to take such steps by which your both “Last Seen” and as well as “Last Active” timestamp will not be seen by others.

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And in this article, we will tell you how you can do it all from your Desktop or PC or even from your mobile devices.

Hide Last Seen on Facebook Messenger

However, there is no kind of inbuilt settings or any features we have seen by which you can hide your last seen on Facebook, that’s why we are going to take help with Addon/Extension for the process of your Firefox/Chrome browsers and as well as a sort of free App for your Mobile phone devices. This way you can turn off active status on Facebook.

Now, let’s watch out how we can hide the last seen or active time stamp from our Facebook chat after following these techniques.

Hide Last Seen On Facebook On Google Chrome

If you are using google chrome. Then you need to install an external extension that allows you to make this change of active status. If you want this then you must have to follow the steps below.

How Does it Work?

Step 1: Here you need to first download/install on the Google Chrome browser “Unseen – Chat Privacy” extension,

Step 2: So, when you have done with the installation process successfully, you will see an icon of “EYE” near to the URL bar.

hide last seen on facebook messenger on google chrome

Step 3: Click to this icon, and you will see different options like Block feature of “SEEN, Block feature of “DELIVERY RECEIPTS” and many more.

Step 4: So, you need to select such options include: “Block feature of “SEEN” “DELIVERY RECEIPTS” “LAST ACTIVE” “TYPING

However, if you also want to get this hide option in your messenger as well, then also click on the “MESSENGER.COM” feature. That’s how you can get rid of last seen or active time stamp from your Facebook chat easily.

Hide Last Seen On Facebook On Mozilla Firefox

For you Mozilla firefox you need to install an addon. So you have to read the steps below.

How Does it Work?

Step 1: Start with the basic step of download/install process of “Message Seen Disable for Facebook” on your Firefox browser.

hide last seen on facebook messenger on mozilla firefox

Step 2: Now, you will receive a Facebook icon over the URL bar,

Step 3: Well, it means the extension is ready, open Facebook and freely read all your messages.

Step 4: However, the important point is that this extension for Firefox browser will no be able to hide the ‘Last Active’ Timestamp on Facebook, whereas, you need to “Turn Off” the chat instead.

Hide Last Seen On Facebook On Mobile Devices (Application for Android devices):

If you using a mobile phone then you have to use app for this purpose. This way you can appear offline on Facebook. Follow all the instructions.

How Does it Work?

Step 1: Just download and install the app “Unseen – No Last Seen or Read

hide last seen on facebook messenger android

Step 2: Allow the “Accessibility permissions” and then “Turn On” for your selected apps like Facebook, Viber, and even for Whatsapp as well.

Step 3: Cut your visible status.

This awesome app will immediately cut you down from not being visible to your friends. This way your Facebook messenger last active disappeared.


Privacy is important, and sometimes we don’t want anyone to talk with us, not even on Facebook. So, with the help of these above mention tricks, you can easily get rid of unwanted chats and visibility on Facebook. This way you can ow to turn off chat on Facebook. Also now you read about the best way of changing the Phone number on Gmail.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are the Frequently asked questions with helpful answers on the offline status on Facebook Messenger. You can read answers to them from which you can maximum help on this topic.

Q1. How To Appear Offline On Facebook?

Yes, you just need to use an exact tool for your devices. All of these tools and their use is already explained above you just need to read. And apply these to your mobile, laptop, etc. This way you will appear offline on Facebook.

Q2. How To Be Invisible On Facebook?

Without a doubt, If you want to become invisible on Facebook. Then you can do this thing. For this, you have to use any program which gives you this invisible on Facebook option. So, this way you will easily invisible to all of your friends on Facebook.

Q3. How To Appear Offline On Messenger?

Yes, you can appear offline on messenger to you all friends or to one person. For this, you just need to read all the instructions above. And you have followed all these steps one by one.

Hope! you are doing well. If you have any other questions related to appear offline on Facebook or hide last seen on Facebook messenger. Then you can ask these in the comment section below. One of our Magzoa experts will reply to you as soon as possible.

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