This Magzoa, will teach you the right and fast way to download and use any youtube video thumbnail image in high quality. After the download, you can use the image as you want. YouTube is one of the fastest-growing video platforms which is the ultimate source when it comes to videos. Only the creators on YouTube know how to import the thumbnails are when it comes to the videos. But most of the time high-quality thumbnails are unavailable. But in this guide, we will teach how you can get high-quality thumbnail images in high quality.

Thumbnails play a very important role in the popularity of a channel and you have to pay special attention to the thumbnails otherwise the videos may not attract that much audience. We will teach you how you can get thumbnail images of high quality.

It is very easy to get high-quality image thumbnails for the YouTube video and the best thing is you don’t need any tool or app, you can get the thumbnails by simply following the guide.

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Get a YouTube Video’s Thumbnail Image in High Quality

Now take your channel popularity to whole new heights by getting high-quality image thumbnails for your videos. Without further delay let see how you can get high-quality video thumbnails for your videos here is how it works:

Step 1: First of all open the YouTube website and head straight to the video whose thumbnails you need or you want to download.

Step 2: Now go to the video URL and copy the “Video ID URL“.

Get a YouTube Video’s Thumbnail

Step 3: Now you have to paste the video ID URL

Get a YouTube Video’s Thumbnail Image<insert-youtube-video-id-here>/maxresdefault.jpg

Get a YouTube Video’s Thumbnail Image in Quality

Step 4: Now press the enter button and the thumbnails of the video will open.

Step 6: Now if you want to get the HD Thumbnails you press the right click and go with the “Save images as” option.

Get a YouTube Video’s Thumbnail Image in High Quality

Step 7: This is how you can save the high-quality image thumbnails for your YouTube videos and by following this method you can even download the images as an option whenever you want.


If you want to download a youtube thumbnail of different quality here all the codes are simple to use any of them which you want.

Default Thumbnail<insert-youtube-video-id-here>/default.jpg

High-Quality Thumbnail<insert-youtube-video-id-here>/hqdefault.jpg

Medium Quality<insert-youtube-video-id-here>/mqdefault.jpg

Standard Definition<insert-youtube-video-id-here>/sddefault.jpg

Maximum Resolution<insert-youtube-video-id-here>/maxresdefault.jpg

Note: If the video does not contain any thumbnails this method will not be useful and in that situation, you will restore YouTube Data API.

Now create the most attractive videos for your YouTube channel by creating the best quality thumbnails for your videos. Now you can download any video thumbnails images by using the above method and the best thing about getting thumbnails using this way is that you don’t actually need any tool or software to get the image thumbnails.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are the most frequently asked questions by the users while getting high-quality thumbnail images. If you are having any issue in getting high-quality thumbnail images this is where you need to look at it. Most probably you will find the answers in this section. If you don’t find the answer to your problem in the FAQ section, feel free to ask your question in the comment below our team will reply as soon as possible.

Q1: How To Get The Thumbnail Image From A YouTube Video?

It is very easy to get high-quality thumbnail images for YouTube videos all you have to do is to follow the steps mentioned in the guide to know how it works.

Q2: What Is The Best YouTube Thumbnail Size 2021?

The YouTube thumbnail image must have a resolution of 1280×1020 and it should not be larger than the 2MB in size.

Q3: How To Find YouTube High-Resolution Thumbnails?

Look for the videos of the same category for which you need thumbnails and then follow the guide to download the thumbnails images for YouTube video.

Thumbnails are the first thing a user sees and it must be attractive a general consensus suggests that videos having attractive thumbnails attract a large number of masses as compare to the videos which have less attractive thumbnails. Now you can get high-quality thumbnails for your videos all you have to do is to follow the guide to the end to download high-quality thumbnail images for your YouTube videos.

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