In this article, Magzoa will let you know the easiest process of changing the number on your Gmail address without any complications. Google account is one of the most common accounts now are using on the internet. Sometimes we got some problems there, but these problems have solutions. One of the finest problems which newbies suffer a lot is to change the phone number on Gmail.

Do you know what thing is more difficult? When you are new in this online field, and you don’t know how to operate things perfectly and sometimes, newbies may get frustrated by not knowing the solutions to their problems. This way you are also trying to get a Gmail Phone number changing solution.

There are many ways to change your phone number in Gmail. But here I am telling you one of the easiest ways to do that. Let’s talk about this method.

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Change a Phone Number on Gmail:

So, here we are with the step by step guide for people out there who are seeking this info from many sites. Just follow the steps down below and you will easily able to change the number on your Gmail:

How Does it Work?

Step 1: If you want to change your phone number on your Gmail, then you need the first to login to your Gmail account.

Step 2: Now, once you have successfully logged in, go to the “Settings” option/button.

Step 3: Just click on the option of “Settings” from the menu.

Step 4: Then, your next step would be to further tap on the option of “Accounts and import” which you can see from the area of its top horizontal pane.

Step 5: Now, it is a time to change your settings, first, go to the “Change accounts settings” section, then next choose the option of “Change password recovery options”

Change Phone Number On Gmail

After you have chosen the password recovery option, you will see a kind of new tab that will immediately open. Now. here you need to select the option of “Personal info” from the left pane.

Step 7: In this step, you need to scroll a little more down now. Once you reach the section of “Contact info” tap on the area of your phone number.

Step 8: Go with the “Edit” button.

When you have done with the edit click option, you’ll automatically be redirected to a sort of new page that will also ask to fill your Gmail password for the authentication purpose. Just write down the Gmail password and then click on the “Next” button.

Change Phone Number On Gmail

Step 9: You will again come on the same page as your “Phone number” page. Just click again on the “Edit” button.

Step 10: Now here, you need to click on the “Update number” box/button.

Step 11: Enter your new desired phone number into the provided text box and then click on the “Next” button.

When you have done with the replacement of your phone number on Gmail, then you will get a verification code by google on the same number you have edited. You need to click on the “Get code” option that can be seen easily in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Step 12: At last, enter the code you have received in the given text box and then tap on verify.

Step 12: Now, you have successfully changed your phone number on Gmail.


This is the right way to edit or change your phone number in the Gmail account. After this changing all of you setting like 2 step verification, future deals and updates, and security transfer to this new number. A direct link will build to this number and the old number will trash from your Gmail account. So you must have to follow all the steps above. Now you can also use Free Online PDF Editors of 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are the Frequently asked questions with helpful answers on hiding Instagram Photos or unHide Instagram photos/posts. You can read answers to them from which you can maximum help on this topic.

Q1. How To Change Recovery Phone Number On Gmail?

Yes, After changing the simple phone number your recovery phone is automatically settled this new number. No need to do extra steps.

Q2. How To Change Verification Phone Number On Gmail Account?

Definitely, For this, you just need to change your current phone number and allow two-step verification.

Q3. How Do I Change My Gmail Phone Number Without Signing In?

No, you can not do that because Sign-In is necessary. But if you want to do that for this you must submit recovery form to Gmail. When google started recovering your account then they allow you to change Phone Number in Gmail. You can share this article without any hassle. So, keep sharing this info with your friends and family.

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